Week Five

Week Five Summary

This week we focused on story telling through audio. I started the week listening to a story about the Moon Landing. This story was told remarkable well – so well I almost forgot it was just a story. Their use of sound effect and how they edited the audio made the audience believe they were actually on the moon.

Monday night I tuned into DS106 Radio. This was also very educational. I enjoyed learning about different ways to tell a story using just audio.

Next I started completing assignments from the Assignment Bank. I chose one that tasks me to make a “sick beat”. I decided to combine different sounds of water in honor of it being the last day of summer. My summers are filled with me going to the pool, ocean, or lake so I thought this would be appropriate. I used this assignment to get comfortable with Audacity- the program I used to complete all the audio assignments this week. The next assignment I completed was telling a story with sounds. For this one I thought it would be cool to record myself making dinner and edit it together. This one was very time consuming because there were lots of different clips to put together in the right order but I thought it turned out well. My favorite assignment was creating a long relaxing sound. I put a bunch of songs together that remind me of the movies I watched growing up. I enjoyed completing the assignment because it made me feel at peace and relaxed listening to all the songs.

Next, I created a radio bumper for the DS106 Radio. I struggled with this a little as well because I found it hard to manipulate my voice to make it sound like a good bumper. Once I added a sound layered over it, I thought it brought it together better.

Lastly, I started brainstorming about different radio show ideas. At first I was not sure what I wanted to do but once I got to thinking I became very excited about the radio show.

Throughout the week, I also completed Daily Creates. The first one I completed was a behind the scenes of an album cover. I thought of the Harry Styles album cover with a black glove in the corner. I added a picture of a crazy fan that might be reaching for him. The next one was a poem written over text. I wrote a poem to my roommate because she was away taking a quiz for a class. My third daily create was choosing an element and representing it through art. I chose to write a poem about Hydrogen.

Throughout the week, I also commented on my peer’s blogs and voted on which were most impressive.