Week Four

My Photography

I have never had an eye for photography. My friends are able to take beautiful photos but when I try to take a photo of the exact same thing it turns out wrong. As a result, I do not try to take a lot of “artsy” photos. I normally take photos of my friends or with my friends. I always thought when traveling it is better to get a photo of yourself with the amazing attraction. If I wanted a picture of just the attraction I could easily google it.

Once you get good at taking photos an image can tell a story. It can show sadness, joy, excitement, worry, or many other emotions. Good photos are ones that make the viewer wonder what the subject is thinking. I learned about how to take a good photo in Telling Stories in Photos. You can create an image that tells a story by being creative. You can add dimension and contrast to make the image more interesting. It is also good to create balance in your photo. I think the main skill I need to work on is slowing down and look for the perfect moment.