Week Four

Week Four Summary

This week was very fun. I enjoy taking pictures and see other people’s pictures. I can spend hours on Pinterest or VSCO just looking at different photos for inspiration.

I started the week with my photo blitz. I thought this was a very fun assignment because it got me moving and it forced me to take photos I normally don’t take. I also thought it had a little scavenger hunt aspect because it forces you to look for items that would fit the category.

Next I started to complete some assignment from the assignment bank. I first completed an assignment that required me to take a photo really close and have people guess what it is. I searched for something with a really cool texture that would be fun for people to guess. I did find it was hard for my iPhone to focus on an object up close but other than that it was a simple and straight-forward assignment.

Next I created a layered photo. I thought this assignment was more difficult. I had to download photoshop and thankfully I was able to create an account with a free trial. I then had to play around with photoshop and look at different tutorials until I made the image the way I wanted. In the end I thought it turned out pretty cool.

I then talked about my photography and analyzed photos I took on my trip to Europe in 2019. I enjoyed looking at my old work and thinking about ways I can improve it. I also thought it was very interesting to learn about different ways to take better photos.

I completed another assignment that required me to take a photo of shadows. This assignment made me view my apartment in a different light. I thought my kitchen was too dark because it only had one small window but now I see how beautiful the shadow is.

Next I completed two gif assignment. I liked these the most. I enjoyed finding videos I loved that I wanted to create a gif of. I started with an assignment where I had to create a gif of a funny dog video. I chose a video of my Nephew Arrow. He is so cute and full of energy and I love playing with him. I also created a gif of a video of my best friend from high school. I have not seen her in a long time and I enjoyed creating it.

Through out the week I also completed Daily Creates and commented on posts. I also voted for my favorite posts.