Week Nine

The Final Count Down

As we near the end of the semester, I am starting to think about what I can do for the final project.

I really enjoyed giving advise to freshman in the radio show. I am about to graduate in December and I feel that I have learned a lot throughout my three and a half years at Mary Washington. I would love to continue to give other help on how to survive college in the final project as well. Maybe tips or tutorials on how to register for classes because that is coming up. Or how to decide what your major is because that is a very hard and big decision.

I also thought about what I love to do when I thought about my final project. I love to travel and make food (and eat it). I thought about ways I could share with the world what I love to cook or things that I have seen while traveling. I could create a video cumulation from all my favorite trips. Or share a few recipes that are my favorite.