Week Seven

Music Lessons

I played Clarinet and Bass Clarinet in middle school and my best friend played French Horn. So for this assignment I choose these three instruments to create music with.

I haven’t read sheet music since middle school so I was a little rusty at first, but it came back just like riding a bike. I played around with different dynamics and notes to create a base layer with the French Horn. I then added the Clarinet and Bass Clarinet so I complimented the Horn and added some more depth to the sound. I used the musescore software to do this. I thought this software was very easy to use.

I then thought about how I could turn this into a commercial for the radio show. I decided making it an ad for music lessons would be perfect because I was inspired by my music lessons to make it.

I recorded the ad and layered the two sounds. I then played around the the amplification of the two different layers until I liked it.