Week Seven

Status Update

Radio Show Poster

You’re Listening to DS106 radio with The Core…

Our radio show is giving advice to freshman at Mary Washington. We all remember freshman year as being very overwhelming and not easy to navigate. So we thought it would be helpful to give them some tips and tricks we have discovered over our years in college.

Today we had our first in-person group meeting as The Core. (Meredith was not able to attend our meeting in person but she was able to zoom in.) We planned who would talk about what, where, and when. We each have two different topics we are going to focus on as well as making a bumper and commercial. As a group we also created an intro where we introduced ourselves and the show. Since Meredith was virtual, she is sending her introduction clip to me and I will stich it all together using Audacity. She also said she would do the outro.

We also decided it would be easiest if one person stitched all the different sound clips together – so I volunteered. Everyone will send their segments, commercial, and bumpers to me and I will add them all together and edit them to sound seamless.

Individually I also created one commercial this week. I am also going to create a bumper as well.

The Core is on a good track to creating a great radio show by next week. We made sure everyone knows what they are doing and when they are doing it.