Week Seven

Week Seven Summary

Radio Show Poster

This week we started making our radio shows. We formed into groups on Saturday and started talking about what we want to focus on in our show. My group, The Core, decided it would be fun to give advice to freshman at Mary Washington. We are going to talk about our experiences and give them tips that we have discovered.

For the radio show, I created a promotion poster, a commercial and a bumper. I used Canva to create the promotion poster. I added the title of our radio show, How to Survive: Advice from the Five, and our names. For the commercial, I used an Audio Assignment where I created music using three different instruments and then talked over it. Because it was a orchestra piece, I made the commercial for music lessons. I also created a new bumper that was specific to our show. I used Audacity to put it all together.

We also had a group meeting where we planned out the specifics for the show and recorded and intro. We also discussed how we were going to put all our segments together. We decided that everyone will record their segments, and I will put them all together.

Through out the week, I also completed three daily creates. I wanted to challenge myself to relate them all to our class theme – Bob Ross. The first one I used a quote from Bob Ross to answer the assignment prompt. The second one, I implied that Bob Ross would not even notice if Facebook was down because he spends his time painting – not on social media. And the third one, I created a password claiming Bob Ross likes dogs over cats.

Over the weekend, I plan to start recording my segments for the radio show.