Week Six

Breakfast Cereal

Cereal Box

For this assignment I created a breakfast cereal box and I of course made it Bob Ross’s cereal brand. I created the design using Canva, a free graphic design platform. There was not a template for cereal boxes so I started with a blank template. I added a photo of Bob Ross and the name of the cereal, Happy Little Pebbles. I also added a picture of the bowl of cereal behind the name. I added more aspects of a cereal box such as the brand and labeled it family size.

I would have like to color the background of the box a bright color to make it stand out on the shelf but I could not figure out how to color it because the background of the photo of Bob Ross was white. And I did not like the way it looked when you could see the outline of the photo. Most cereal boxes are very colorful so mine might stick out because it isn’t.

I have never done an assignment like this so I had a lot of fun completing it.