Week Six

Daily Reminder

Motivational Quote Poster

This is my favorite inspirational quote and I try to live by it. I 100% believe if you put enough work into something, you are able to do it. However, this does not mean doing the work alone. You should never be afraid to ask for help.

To create this design I used Canva, a free graphic design platform. It provides numerous templates that you can choose from and then personalize for your design. You can also start a design from scratch. I decided to start with a template and change it to fit my design. I started with choosing a background image that would fit my quote. I chose this beautiful mountain and lake view because it reminded me of the hikes I did in Washington state this past summer. On hikes it sometimes is hard to keep going, especially on strenuous hikes. It looks like the top of the mountain is so far away are you are exhausted. Other than the photo I wanted to keep the poster very simple, making sure the viewer focused on the true message. I also wanted to emphasize the word “anything” so I changed the color to make it stand out. I also played with the highlight, contrast, and transparency until I liked the way it looked.

I am happy with the way this poster turned out and I enjoyed completing this assignment. I thought this assignment related to the theme of the class because I think the beautiful scenery would be something Bob Ross would paint. Also I feel as though the quote can be used for people watching a Bob Ross episode. Even though some of the paintings are difficult you can do it!