Week Six

The Coffee Bean


It is probably very evident by now but I love coffee. So for this assignment I decided to create a logo for a coffee shop. I thought of a fun name for my company and used Tailor Brands to create my logo. Tailor Brands is a great tool because it asks you about your company and lets you choose fonts, clipart icons, and colors you wish to use for your logo. It then generates a couple different logos which you can edit further. I choose a logo and edited the color and capitalization before I was happy with how it looked.

I picked a company name that was very self explanatory so I could keep the logo very simple. I just added one icon and one color. I thought the simplicity was very important because coffee should be very simple too. I chose the color maroon because it is a warm color that brings relaxation. In addition, shades of red are said to make people hungry. I would want my coffee shop environment to be very relaxing and comfortable. I wanted to make the font look like handwriting to again show the mood of the business. I would want potential customers to view the shop as a casual place that is welcoming.