Week Six

Week Six Summary

This week we focused on graphic design. We learned about the different principles that go into how to make an engaging and informative design.

I had a slight theme of coffee this week starting with an event poster I created. For all of my designs this week I used Canva, a free graphic design platform. It has multiple tools that help you customize your design to make it perfect. I have a little experience making event posters so I thought this assignment was very fun. My second coffee themed assignment was creating a logo. I created a logo for a coffee shop I made up called The Coffee Bean. I have never made a logo before so I thought this was very informative. I learned a lot about what makes a logo stand out. For this assignment I used Tailor Brands to create the logo.

The next two assignments I made Bob Ross themed. The first assignment was to use a picture to create a motivational quote. I chose a picture that I thought Bob Ross would have painted. It has happy little clouds and beautiful mountains. My next assignment was to create a cereal box cover. I had a lot of fun with this one because I made it sponsored by Bob Ross.

Motivational Quote Poster

I also completed a blog post about the different design aspects we learned about this week. I was very informative. I then used what I learned to look for things in my every day life that use the design principles. I thought this was a good challenge as well. I don’t normally pay attention to how things are designed but once I started to I was able to appreciate the work of the designer.

I completed three daily creates this week. This first one we had to find something that showed the feeling of cold. I found a cute photo for that one. The next one was to create a meme about Monty Python. My parents like to watch Monty Python so I thought this daily create was very fun. I picked a song by Taylor Swift. And my third daily create was creating bad art. I thought this assignment was pretty hard because I do not think there is such things as bad art. One thing that might not be beautiful to you is beautiful to someone else. I chose different color that I thought looked bad together to create my anti-masterpiece.

I also voted on my favorite work from my peers this week. Overall I thought it was a very educational and fun week.