Week Three

A Parallel Universe

Everyone has many possible paths in life. Think about it! If you view your future you can view many different paths in which you would love your life and feel complete. In our twenties we are forced to start to choose the path we want to take. I started to choose my path when I chose to be a Computer Science major instead of being a Business major. I then chose my path again when I decided to accept at job with a two year contract at Dahlgren. I am going to write about another path I can see myself taking.


I can picture myself walking up in Paris, France – 5 miles from the Eiffel tower. I would walk out of the apartment and have breakfast and coffee at a street café. I would then go to my office in Paris. After work I would go out to dinner and drinks with my friends. I want to live it Paris because I think it is incredible beautiful and I love the fashion and art. I would always be inspired in Paris because of its atmosphere. (Bob Ross would also always be inspired to paint happy little clouds!)

On weekends I would take road trips to the South of France and drink wine at a wonderful chateau. I could also take trips to Germany or Italy with my friends.

This dream I have is definitely my most fun and exciting potential path. I do not think I have totally said no to this potential path in my life. I am working at Dahlgren for the next two years but after that is unknown.