Week Twelve

Week Twelve Summary

This week we worked on mashups and remixes. I thought it was really fun to take an assignment and change it a little to create a completely different assignment.

With the holidays coming up, for my first assignment, I created an image that combined Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years. Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday and many times it is over looked because of Christmas but I wanted to create something that combined both. I created a little scene of a turkey celebrating Christmas on New Years. He is a little confused obviously but it was fun to make.

My next mashup assignment was to blend similar songs. I chose nursery rhymes that all had the same tune and strung them together. I am not the best at editing audio yet so it did not work out perfectly but I still think that it is obvious they have the same tune.

I had the most fun with the two remix assignments. I created a bad infomercial and a bad event poster. For the infomercial I added a whole bunch of terrible side effects to the end of it making it crazy for anyone to use the medicine. Sometimes I feel as though every infomercial strings in the terrible side effects very fast at the end so I tried to exaggerate this. For the event poster I used colors that did not go together as well as not appealing images to make a poster that no one would want to read. Especially with an open house it is all about presentation.

This week I also completed three daily creates. The first was to show a sunset. I posted a video of a sunset that was covered in haze. The next one was to post pictures to tell the story from a prompt. I posted a picture of an witch and an old cat that killed her. And the third was a fill in the blank. I filled in “Open Sesame“, the secret password.