Week Two

Before & After

Mt Rainer

I chose Color Changer as an assignment to complete this week. I enjoy using filters to make my photos more uniform and aesthetically pleasing. I thought it would be fun to just change the coloring of a photo all together.

In my photo I added a couple of filters I normally use and then played with hue, saturation, lightness, and exposure. The app I used is Colourtone. After playing with it a bunch I decided to bring out the green in the photo. I chose green because it is my favorite color.

I enjoyed this assignment because it let me play with filters and coloring in a photo. It let me explore how changing highlighting and contrasting colors can change a picture drastically. If Bob Ross were to be painting these two images he would be telling a very different story. The first displays a clear, blue sky and a beautifully clean reflection lake. The happy mountain brightly peaks out from behind the trees. The second picture shows a stormy day. The clouds are dark in the sky and creating a darkness over the lake below. It seems almost dangerous to be up in the mountains so close to the clouds.