Week Eight

Week Eight Summary

Because of Fall Break, I got an early start on this week’s assignments. I signed up to compile my groups segments together and make them all uniform. So I also knew I had to get ahead of my work so I would have time at the end of the week for this.

I completed my two daily creates on Monday and Tuesday. The first one was to show an imaginary instrument. I drew mine in Art on Windows. The second one was to show a stalker on the internet. I found a picture of a shady man on the computer that I though did a good job.

I also recorded my segments for our radio show on Monday and added my bumper and commercial. (I ended up removing my commercial because we ran out of time.) Kylie and Meredith also sent me their segments, bumpers, and commercials early in the week so I compiled most of our show by Wednesday.

On Wednesday we also had an in-person group meeting so go over the finishing touches. We talked about how we are going to include the theme of the class and listened to a few segments of the show. I also sent everyone an mp3 of the show in progress.

I plan on finishing up the show and sending the completed show tomorrow when I get the last segments.