Week Four

Analyzing My Photography

After I read Telling Stories in Photos I started to examine my own photos to see how I can improve them or how I used the principles described in the article. I have many photos so I decided to look at my photos from my trip to Europe in December of 2019.

The first photo I found is one of the Berlin Wall memorial. I tried to change my perspective by coming close to the wall. It emphasizes how long the wall was and the divide it created between East and West Berlin. I did this by creating depth in the image.

Berlin Wall

The next photo displays movement. I liked how the swan creates ripples in the calm lake. I also liked how there was a reflection of the mountains in the lake.


This next photo displays the contrast of light. The church in the photo is very dark but the light coming through the stained-glass window makes a beautiful photo. When you look at this photo you can image being inside the church. It seems very quiet but beautiful.

IMG_3296 (2)

This last group of photos are my favorite. I believe buildings tell a lot about a city. My favorite thing about Europe is that so many cities had uniform buildings. It creates a beautiful color scheme for the city and tells a little about who lives in the city. I love taking photos from above the city.