Week Nine

The Joy Of Music

Tonight I listened to The Joy Of Music. I thought this group did an amazing job with their radio show. I love music as well, I always use it to brighten my mood or get me out of a weird head space. I really enjoyed listening to how they use music and the fun songs they picked out.

The first segment of the show talked about how music amplifies film. It gives it more emotion and intensity. It also talked about how we all can create our own sound tack for the movie of our life by making a playlist on Spotify or Apply Music. I have never thought of my playlists this way and I really liked that idea.

The second segment talked about cooking with music. I love this idea too. Sometimes I do not like cooking but having a fun playlist going would make it much more enjoyable. It also talked about how music expresses emotions you cannot say in words or writing and I think this is very true as well.

The last segment talked about how music brings back memories. I think this is a very cool aspect of music and how our memory works. There are many songs that give me a certain feeling of where and how I felt when I first listened to the song. There are other songs I didn’t know were attached to a memory and I am surprised when I listen to them. I think this is one of my favorite parts about music – the memories attached to them.

I thought this team did a great job making their bumpers and commercials sound uniform. They also had a tiny bit of static in them created a real radio effect.