Week One

Week One Summary

During week one of ds106 I got set up my site and my social media accounts and got comfortable using WordPress.


I started the week designing my Domain of One’s Own website. I thought it was very easy and straightforward to go through the tutorial on Mary Washington’s website and create my site. I was surprised at how simple it was to get a domain and set this up. I have created web applications with Amazon Web Services and Apache Maven and using Domain of One’s Own was much faster and less painful. I then set up my different social media accounts: Twitter, Flickr, SoundCloud (and I already had YouTube). I did not have any difficulty with these either.

I then installed WordPress on my site and changed the theme. I played around with the theme of my site for a while and I continued to do this throughout the week. Working with WordPress was a slight challenge at the beginning but with the tutorials provided I was able to learn my way around. I have only used WordPress once in the past. I work at the Career Center on campus and I added multiple pages to the Career Center site giving students information about opportunities and jobs they can have with different majors. Since I was not starting from scratch and just adding pages to a site that already existed this was very uncomplicated. I thought using WordPress would be easier for me because I had that experience but I quickly realized creating a site from scratch is very different.

The next step I took was registering my site to the main ds106 site. The directions again were very helpful and straightforward. After I registered it I emailed Paul just to ensure that I did it correctly. (Thank you Paul!)

And then it was time to start posting!

I was a bit confused with the introduction assignment. Again I emailed Paul to clarify. (Thank you again Paul!) At first I posted all my social media posts as different blogs on my site, but after re-reading the instructions, I fixed my mistake. Putting my whole introduction together took a long time. I wasn’t sure what I wanted to share with the class but I decided to present images and a video from my trip this summer to Washington.

IMG_2619 (1)

I also shared a playlist of some of my favorite songs I have been listening to as well as my first Twitter post. Through this assignment, I learned about how to post to the different social media accounts I created for this class. I wrestled with Flickr for quite some time because I am new to using that platform.

The next assignment was watching Bob Ross. Surprisingly, I have never seen one of Bob Ross’s episodes before and I very much enjoyed it. Bob Ross is very calm and pleasant to listen to. He paints happy clouds and happy trees. After watching the episode I read over the transcript of the video to ensure I did not miss anything. I then wrote my post. I appreciated this assignment because it is different from any other assignment I have done. I did not know what to expect about this assignment but if found it to be just the right amount of challenging. I thought it was moderately tough to find inspiration from Bob Ross’s stories and paintings. But in the end, I was amazed at what I did find.

The last assignment we had for this week was to reflect on our goals for the class. I thought this assignment was easy because I am very interesting in this class. I am excited to learn how to create a digital narrative that draws people in to build a strong network across different platforms of social media.

Reflecting on the past week, I learned a lot. I was a bit overwhelmed at first because it seemed like a great amount of work. But after starting I realized that even though it was a lot, it was do-able. Now that we have gotten everything set up I am excited to see where the class is going to take us in the next assignment.