Week Six

Design Blitz


For my design blitz, I tried to focus one items or designs that are in my everyday life. I thought it would be fun to look for the design elements in things I see daily.

The first photo is the tv poster for the show Gilmore Girls. This show is my favorite show right now. It has a picture of Lorelei and Rory sitting on a couch together. The way Rory is looking at Lorelei represents how she looks up to her in the show and displays their mother-daughter relationship. In the background there are different pictures of the cast members that represent their personality. This tv poster show that the show is very fun-loving with the use of unity.

The next photo is a book cover I saw on a table in the James Farmer library. I thought the use of colors and symbols does a great job to show what the book is about. There is a scar on the top right that is a metaphor for the agony and the black cover also depicts the agony.

The next photo is an advertisement I received from Hello Fresh. They also use color to represent their message – the green signifies fresh. They also use typography to emphasize and try to entice their viewer to purchase their product. The use of the word ‘big’ and the capitalization of ‘free box’ does this. Also on the brown paper bag the wrote “This bag is greener than a salad bag” trying to convince their viewer that they are the more sustainable option. The photo also has pictures of fruits and veggies to show the fresh foods they provide.

The next photo is a recycling bin. I included this because it is an everyday object that uses design principles. The symbol of the three arrows is showing how recycled goods keep being used and not thrown in a dump to sit in one place. Also the use of color I thought was interesting. Many times you see recycling as green but this can is blue. The blue is represents clean which is the goal of recycling – keeping the earth cleaner.

The last photo is the Statement of Community Values at Mary Washington. I liked the use of color to make the values stand out and I thought it was interesting that each value was a different color. I think the designer was trying to emphasize that all the values are important but they are all different as well. I think the boarder around the poster also added a good balance to it overall.