Week Three

Week Three Summary

This week was very busy. I was not feeling my best over the weekend so I did not do as much homework as I normally do and quickly fell behind. I also had a VERY difficult project due in my 400 level Computer Science elective on Wednesday so I was focusing all my time for that. On Thursday I finally had time to start my writing posts.

I chose four different assignment to complete the required amount of stars. I started writing a story about Becca the Bunny who lives on the Mary Washington campus. I always see little bunnies running around campus so I really enjoyed writing about them. I then chose an assignment that required me to think about what I would do if I had another life. Again I really enjoyed this assignment. I think about my future a lot and what I might be doing and where I might be. I choose to write about my most exciting dream which would be to live in Paris. My next assignment I chose was to write a letter to someone you care about. I wrote mine to my mom because I miss her. And my last assignment was to talk about my move in day freshman year. This was a very long time ago so it was fun to look back. I really enjoyed freshman year and meeting new people.

I also completed three daily creates this week. And reflected on the assigned reading and videos. In addition I interacted with my readers and commented on my peers work. I really enjoy looking at what other people are doing for their assignments. And how they interpret similar assignments differently.